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"Coming Saviour"

I just finished writing a new song that expresses the double-minded plight of an honest and sincere Christ follower during end times. On one hand, the Christ follower speaking in this song is determined to stay steadfast for the Lord. The author earnestly desires to be strengthened. They want to become bolder and stronger in order to be able to face the coming persecution. On the other hand, the author pleads that if it be God's will, may they be rescued and not have to face all of the trials and tribulations that they see coming on the horizon.

This song represents how I feel right now. I see what's coming. I've been seeing it for a while now. I'm trying to focus on Christ and not on the enemy's plans. I'm diving into the Word of God and trying to make sure that I am one of those 5 virgins that has her oil ready to keep my light shining for the bridegroom's arrival. But there are days where I see the Book of Revelation playing out in front of my eyes and this reality overwhelms me. There are days that I feel darkness overwhelm me as fear creeps up in my heart and mind and the fear strangles my faith. Those are the days where I wish Jesus Christ would just come back and rescue all of His followers from what's to come. But the most important thing is that we all must endure to the end, no matter what happens. As the chorus of this new song states, if You cannot rescue us Lord God then please "Make us stronger. Make us bolder. And help us face each and every storm."

Please take a listen here:

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