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Did you know that 75% of North Americans eat excess amounts of sugar?


Did you know that 1 billion people in the world have been classified as "overweight" or "obese" and approximately 422 million people worldwide have diabetes


Can you guess what the common denominator is?


You guessed it! SUGAR!!


80% of our holistic health and weight loss journey has to do with what we are putting in our mouths. So, it is not just about working out and working harder to shed the excess weight or keep it off as you age. It's about working smarter and knowing how to properly fuel your body so that you don't have the sugar and carb snack attacks and binges.


Studies show that breaking a habit - especially a sugar addiction - takes approximately three weeks. This is why this challenge is 21 days long.


This 21-day Sugar Shutdown Workshop will give you;

- understanding about how sugar affects the body and mind

- information that will help you make wiser food choices (quantity, quality, timing)

- regular check-ins to see how you're progressing throughout the 21 days

- no and low-sugar recipe guidebook

- tracker sheets to help you see what you're putting in your mouth during the challenge

- instructions on how to use an online app that will caculate your macronutrient goals & track your daily diet to set you up for continuing this journey on your own


Essentially, this workshop will set you up with everything you need to ditch the sweet stuff in only 21 days!



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