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Jessica Blake is a singer-songwriter, author, art agent, and mother who feels passionate about composing music and literature that explores issues of faith. After graduating from McGill University, Blake dedicated ten years to researching, studying, dissecting, and exploring the major world religions before penning her first literary work, 'Seeker: Searching For Truth At All Costs'. 


'Seeker: Searching for Truth at All Costs' is a personal account of one woman’s mission to determine whether all religions are worshipping the same God and if all spiritual paths lead to truth. In her first book, author Jessica Blake shares her personal journey and struggles to seek enlightenment, peace, and life purpose. In a time when “truth” has never been more questioned, Blake’s autobiographical tale challenges her readers to view divine knowledge and spiritual truth as crucial for one’s survival in this life and beyond.


Revised editions of 'Seeker' are now available. This revised edition is published and distributed by Seeker Ministries.

Pre-order a "fresh-from-the-press" physical copy or ebook, today!

Estimated fulfilment date for physical copy pre-orders: May 30, 2024



Jessica Blake author singer-songwriter


"After composing songs about life, love, and my wavering faith for many years I felt called to write a book about my very personal spiritual journey. My journey was a long one. And so was my book writing process! It took me over ten years to research, write, edit, and publish 'Seeker - Searching For Truth At All Costs'.


'Seeker' shares the story of how I was transformed from an Agnostic (one whom neither disbelieved or believed in a Higher Power) to a believer who desired to have a personal relationship with my Maker. 


 In each and every song, book, and blog post I write I attempt to be as intellectually honest and introspective as possible. I enjoy sharing my innermost thoughts, feelings, and revelations with my audience through an artistic medium. And even more so enjoy hearing how my artistic creations impacted people. 


I would love to hear from you. Click here to drop me a line."


- Jessica Blake 

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