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Jesus was either a liar, a lunatic, or Lord

When I was in the New Age faith I was taught and believed that Jesus travelled to learn and study with Eastern mystics/magi from the age of 12-30 years old (during His "silent years"). This is what my Reiki teachers and textbooks taught me. It was therefore easy to believe that Jesus was just one more spiritual teacher/master that I could pray to and include in my manifestation rituals.

Since doing my homework and researching and studying what Jesus actually said, taught, and did, I have learned that this teaching that Jesus learned from Eastern mystics is a lie concocted by a man named Nicolas Notovitch, who purposely tried to tie Jesus with Eastern mysticism. His unfounded fact was uncovered and eventually, he actually admitted to making up this fact and writing it in his book (which was widely circulated and believed by New Agers). Sadly, many New Age/Reiki teachers still believe this and continue to spread this misinformation. This lie has resulted in many New Agers believing that it's perfectly normal to include Jesus Christ in their New Age practices, manifestation sessions, meditations, and prayers.

After carefully studying the Tanakh and Bible I have discovered that there is no real way to include and try to insert the real and powerful Son of God/Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach into New Age beliefs because they stand in opposition to one another. Jesus said "I am the way" and told us to follow Him. Jesus boldly explained to all that would listen that He was the ONLY way to have a right relationship with God. He said that He was THE TRUTH, the way, and the life and that no one can access Heaven unless they are spiritually reborn/resuscitated through faith in Him and His sacrifice for our sins. When a Jewish high priest asked Jesus if He was THE CHRIST, Jesus answered, "I AM". These statements are obviously not in alignment with the New Age belief system which teaches that truth is subjective ("my truth", "your truth"), that all spiritual pathways lead to God, and that Jesus is just another manifestation of the Messiah or a reincarnated avatar/messenger of God sent from the "hierarchy of angels". Jesus' words discount Him from merely being a wise rabbi/spiritual teacher. These are not the words of just a morally good man or a wise spiritual teacher. Jesus' statements were bold and radical - so bold and radical that they enraged the Jewish religious leaders and lead to His crucifixion.

We must take Jesus' words for what they are and stop watering down Jesus' statements and teachings in order to conform Him into our own image of what we want Him to be. As C.S. Lewis and many others have stated, Jesus was either a lunatic madman or He was who He said He was.

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