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Spiritual Contagion & the Necessity to Quarantine Sin

Trying something new here....

This is my first try at hosting a podcast discussion for Seeker Ministries.

Today's Topic: Spiritual Contagion and the Necessity to Quarantine Sin.

Today's Guest: Evond Blake

Description of Podcast Discussion:

Many of us have heard the cliche that Jesus Christ died to save humanity and that His blood atoned for our sins. But what does any of this religious jargon really mean? What does a man dying on a cross over 2,000 years ago have anything to do with us and our modern-day lives?

This podcast provides a bio-spiritual explanation of the gospel. It explains why Yeshua/Jesus needed to come to earth, why He had to shed His blood for us and why we need to be spiritually vaccinated against the deadly virus called sin.

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