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I had been asking the Lord God to give me a new song to sing for a year but could not compose a good melody or lyrics for my life. I had often wondered how long it would take for me to get into a place of submission to be able to write another meaningful worship song. It didn't help that I had been separated from my guitar (which is the tool that aids me in composing new songs) for many months now.

But a few days ago as I walked my usual route, I stopped and stared at the grand mountains. Out of nowhere, sentences that formed a poem began to pour out. I got my phone out and started recording the words so I wouldn't forget them. Then a melody came upon my lips.

This song didn't sound like anything else I had ever written. It wasn't as "pretty" sounding as my others. This one had more power and strength behind it. The song almost felt uncomfortable for me to sing at first, like a shoe that didn't quite fit. But as I became more familiar with the tune and words I began to belt it out loudly in the mountainside.

As I repeated the song over and over, I could feel the atmosphere shifting and something inside of me shifting as well. I had a revelation that I had reached a new level of worship and that it had taken a new level of sacrifice, sanctification and suffering to lead me to that new level of worship. And within that new level of worship, I recognized that I had hit new levels of both faith and fear. You may be asking yourself, "how can one experience both faith and fear at the same time?". My answer is for you to open up the Bible and read from any book or chapter. You will find countless descriptions of obedient followers vacillating between faith and fear and trust and doubt.

This new song is about praising God and His holy name no matter what life storms and shakings we go through and no matter what level of faith or fear we may be experiencing. While some might feel neglected, unheard, and unloved when their prayers seemingly go unanswered, my "shaking" experience has forced me to draw closer and discover new levels of humility, dependence, commitment, and sanctification. And ultimately it has all led me to a new song and sound.

I believe that many people will resonate with the theme of this new song - the challenge and honour of praising God no matter what difficult situations we find ourselves in - be it mountains or valleys. I pray that these lyrics both speak to your soul and soothe your soul.

I will record this new song and share it when the dust settles and I am finally reunited with my guitar.


I will praise Your name in the mountains

I will praise Your holy name

I will praise Your name in the valleys

The Name above all names

I will praise Your name when I'm broken

I will praise in the mighty wind

For You tell the storms to be silent

So You can hear me sing

No problem's too big

No trouble's too tall

You've made a perfect way

A way for us all

And despite what our eyes see

Despite the "no" that we hear

You've made a way out of no way

Replaced faith for our fear

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