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I find it fascinating how God connects and weaves people's stories and pathways together. It sometimes takes years to see why and how God did what He did.

Here's a crazy example....

I wrote and published a book called, "SEEKER: SEARCHING FOR TRUTH AT ALL COSTS".

I released this book and there was minimal traction.

5 years later I received notice from one of my distributors, Creation Bookstore, that an individual had bought out all of the Seeker copies at the storefront and that this individual was asking for 40 more copies. I was not given the name of this individual at the time but I wondered who they were.

A month later, I got a WhatsApp voice text from my friend, Michelle Katz Sigulim, telling me she had a "super cool" story for me. She had run into her neighbour, Ted, and he began telling her about an "awesome book he found at Creation Bookstore" called "Seeker". He proceeded to tell her that he had bought out all of the copies he could find and that he wanted more. She realized that Ted was speaking about me!! When he stated that he wanted to meet the author, she was able to tell Ted that she knew the author well and that she would definitely pass this information on to me.


In the meanwhile, Ted had given one of his previously purchased copies of "Seeker" to his pastor at New Hope Community church (Pastor Greg Wyton). After reading the book, Pastor Greg used a small quote from my book in one of his sermons at New Hope Community Church. While listening to the sermon, one of the congregation members, Kimberly Williston, resonated with this quote and purchased one of my books online.

Little did Kim know that this was my last printed copy (until I was able to create a new revised edition and publish and print more). For some reason, I decided to check out who purchased my last old edition book copy and when I saw that Kim's mailing address was not far from my house, I reached out to see if she wanted a personalized signed copy that I would hand deliver. She was overjoyed with this option to meet up and told me that her pastor, Greg Wyton, from New Hope would also like to meet with us.

As the Lord designed it, I was given the opportunity to meet with Kim, Pastor Greg Wyton, and Denise Swaenepoel in the lobby of Kim's apartment complex. We shared testimonies, and stories, and prayed all together right there in the lobby!! It was such a special tear-jerking moment!


Fast forward to two months later....

I received a Facebook Messenger text from a lady named Erin who used to attend my Gospel Praise Fitness online classes. Erin told me that she had been at her church and during the baptisms and testimonies she heard a lady named Kim share how my "Seeker" book had positively impacted her and how our connection had helped her make the decision to fully surrender and commit to the Lord God. Erin had sent me a full video recording of Kim's testimony and baptism. It was so beautiful.

I was amazed to see that God had used yet another connection pathway to make sure that I got to see and hear how my book "Seeker" had impacted another soul. GOD CONNECTION #3.

So, what is the significance of there being "3 GOD CONNECTION" moments in my testimony here? In the Bible, the number 3 represents divine wholeness, completeness, and perfection (think of the Trinity). The number 3 symbolizes God putting His divine stamp of completion or fulfillment on a person, thing, or situation. I believe that God is showing me that although I had to have the diligence and obedience to do the research and write and publish "Seeker", He is completing it.

The Lord God is showing me that He has put His divine stamp on my book "Seeker".

He is indeed fulfilling the promise that He made to me that my book would travel far and wide and positively impact many "seekers".

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