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Will you make way for your coming King?

What are you focusing on right now?

Are your thoughts full of dread and anxiety or hope and joy?

Are you making any room in your mind and heart for God and His promises?

Are you willing to?

This new song feels like it is a cry in the dark to anyone that will listen. It's a warning song. We must make way for our coming King. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour or not He is indeed coming back and all will have to stand before Him and be judged for their lifetime's thoughts, speech, and actions.

Will you risk being judged on your own merits or will you accept the free gift of salvation that Jesus provided for you when He died for all sin on the cross? It's a gift that you can't afford to refuse.

"Make Way for the King"

Hear the voice of those crying... in the dark Yield to Him who seals and leaves His re-demp-tive mark Hear the voice of the One knocking... at your door Yield to Him who fills you up for-ev-er more……… Pre-Chorus: .....Make way for the King... ...He is coming back for you Make way for the King He died and rose for you Chorus: Will you make way for your coming King? Will you make way for the Lord of everything? Will you make way for the King of Kings? Will you make way for the Lord of everything? ……. He is coming on the clouds, King of Kings He will reign on earth all over His created things All knees will bow and all... tongues confess Even those who despise Him. All will digress…. Pre-Chorus: Chorus:

Take a listen here:

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