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Exciting news!

The new revised edition of 'Seeker' is now available in ebook and hard copy formats.


'Seeker' is a riveting autobiographical tale of a woman's journey to find enlightenment, peace, purpose, and spiritual truth. In a time when ‘truth’ has never been more questioned, Blake set out on a mission to determine if there was any concrete evidence to support the belief in a living, loving Creator and to discover if spiritual truth was absolute or personal.  Blake's honest account challenges readers to question what they believe and why and proves that the pursuit of divine wisdom is by no means easy but crucial for one’s survival in this life and beyond. 


Blake writes, “I started writing this book with the firm belief that all spiritual pathways contain truth and lead to God. However, the more I studied and compared the major world religions, I discovered that they contradict one another and claimed different 'higher truths'. I felt compelled to investigate which claim to absolute truth could be verified with historical and archaeological facts. My investigation uncovered information that disturbed me and rocked my foundational beliefs.”




C$9.99 Regular Price
C$8.99Sale Price
  • Pages: 226 

    Filetype: PDF


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