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A Fickle Heart

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I turned my face to the Light

But the Light was too bright

So I closed my eyes and stumbled away

But my way lead to death and decay

So I fumbled my way back to You

For a moment in time I felt love and truth

But then felt restless so I ventured again

My fickle heart forgot my Best Friend

In the wilderness my flesh felt satisfied

I enjoyed the exhilarating, satisfying ride

But something still just didn't feel right

I felt like I had lost my way and sight

Messy, confused, lost and tattered

I had forgotten all that really mattered

I finally saw the dark ditch I was in

I was able to confess my fault and sin

And as these confessions left my mouth

I began to praise, worship, and shout

I could feel that You were coming for me

I saw the Light shining ever so brightly

Now I know with my whole heart that You're the one and only Way

Thank you Lord God for granting me a fresh new start and day

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