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I want to report a great testimony.

For the past few days I simply could not get my new GPP (Gospel Praise Party) sound system to work. I tried everything. I sought the council of two sound experts at Long & McQuade. I watched countless hours of tech tutorials on YouTube. I prayed. Nothing worked ….

Then I prayed for the Lord to give me peace even if I couldn’t get the new system to work for my Sunday class. It was then that the Holy Spirit reminded me that it’s all about perspective and that I was making a mole hill out of an ant hill.

I was reminded to think of others and not my own issues and put God’s agenda first. After this realization this morning I saw my neighbour (who had previously complained to me that she hadn’t been sleeping or breathing well). I had felt badly about not praying for her on the spot the last time she confessed this to me and I had prayed for the Lord God to give me another opportunity to do so.

When I saw her today, I just knew that taking the time to lay hands on her and pray for her healing was what God wanted me to focus on, rather than focusing on my own sound and tech issues. I knew I needed to put God’s agenda first which is to help others.

After laying hands on my neighbour I came in to try a last ditch attempt to fix my sound system (this time with the help of a believer friend) and we got it to work! Praise God!

I was reminded of my favourite scripture that hangs on my fridge, “Seek the Kingdom of God first and all things will be added unto you”!!! I prioritized God’s agenda and not mine and He worked it all out for good.

Good reminder as I headed in to teach my Gospel Praise Party fitness class today.

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