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Thank You

Updated: May 19, 2020


Forced stillness during this pandemic has afforded those that are able to stay home more time to:

- slow down

- tune in

- bond with family & friends in a more intimate way (e.g., video calling rather than texting)

- be in the physical presence of our nuclear family

- cook & bake

- read & write

- be creative

- contemplate life on a deeper level (as we are not all consumed with to-do lists & hectic schedules)

- pray/meditate

- clean & organize both our physical and spiritual houses

- appreciate nature in a new way

- evaluate our pre-COVID-19 lives & priorities and decide if we want/need to make any changes

- make mental/physical lists of all the big & small things that we are grateful for and notice the things that we may have taken for granted

I'm painfully aware that frontline workers do not have this luxury of time. I'm extremely grateful for their daily sacrifices.

I would like to share a song that I wrote called “Thank You” that addresses the importance of gratitude. It feels very applicable and appropriate right now. Please click on my music link here to have a listen! :)


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